Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Break...

Due to school starting soon ><"...I won't be updating as often, but i will still post, just not regularly. I might update every few days to every few weeks. It will be random, I'll post something when i have time or when its weekends! Not many people are on my blog, so it won't be a big problem to those who do come here often :) Anyway, please participate in my poll regarding Moonlight Resonance! I would like many to participate so i can see what you guys think :)

Anyway, see you guys soon! :)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poll Summary

The poll for 'Favourite Character in so far...' has ended! Thanks to those who have voted! Lets take a look at the results..

Kam Wing Ho <甘永好> - 14 votes [41%]
2. Suen Ho Yuet <孫皓月> - 12 votes [35%]
3. Kam Wing Ka <甘永家> - 11 votes [32%]

Chung Siu Ho <鍾笑荷> - 6 votes [17%]
Kam Tai Jo <甘泰祖> - 2 votes [5%]
Kam Wing Ho <甘永好> - 14 votes [41%]
Kam Wing Ka <甘永家> - 11 votes [32%]
Kam Wing Hing <甘詠慶> - 7 votes[20%]
Yu So Sum/Chau <于素心/秋> - 8 votes [23%]
Suen Ho Yuet <孫皓月> - 12 votes [35%]
Kam Wing Chung <甘永中> - 2 votes [5%]
Kam Wing Yuen <甘永圓> - 1 vote [2%]
Chung Siu Sa <鍾笑莎> - 1 vote [2%]
Yan Hung <殷紅> - 0 vote [0%]

I think the results were expected..Raymond and Moses to win! They're the most favourable characters! I also voted for Tavia, so thats great how she is the winning top three ^^.

I will remove the finished poll and create a new one. So please vote once again! :) Haven't been updating lately..and school is starting soon ><" Please bear with me! Thanks :) Who did you guys vote? Were the results expected? Who would you have wanted to win? Tell me! :)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Legend of the Demigods - Episode 1-3 Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers
When I read the synopsis from Astro On Demand, it didn't sound very appealing. It reminded me of those cheesy, fantasy, dramas that TVB would produce. With all those special effects that was overused, didn't sound very original to me.

As I was watching the first episode, it was actually a very good show to watch. It was very fun and exciting. I didn't really like Gwai Choi Chi (Linda Chung) at first sight. She was an exact clone of Ding Ding in Forensic Heroes and Dan Dan in Bitter Bitten. She was the happy, jumpy, [and somewhat immature] character in FH, BB, and now, LD. She's those characters that brings 'joy' to people's lives because she's very optimistic. I'm not hating her character, but she got very annoying at times. Her character is very fake, those too-good-to-be-true roles. Is there such person who that happy in our world? It seems to unrealistic.

I'm glad TVB gave her a change of roles, I remember when she was a newcomer, most of her roles was like Ding Ding and Dan Dan. Now she is becoming a better actress, she finally got a change of roles to become a very obnoxious, rude, teenager in A Journey Called Life, and Gem of Life.

After watching the next two epsiodes, i started to enjoy her character. I guess, i got used to her character as very optimistic. Her character is very loveable and cute. She goes by a funny motto, which is the reason why she is always happy no matter what.

The character i dislike a lot in the series is Shek Gam Dong (Benny Chan)! He takes advantage of his physical strength he gained from Great Immortal Wong and bullies whoever he wants. Although, he is a big bully he values friendship and family a lot. I like how he listens to Ho Choi Mui a lot and wouldn't hurt her! He also treats his mother and Ho Chou Mui with great respect but zero towards others.

I like An Hei (Sunny Chan) too he's very sincere, a character similar to Ho Choi Mui. He will become a great swordsman and he has already received a rusty sword from Great Immortal Wong. I wonder when will he actually acquire the abilities? :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'll be updating you guys on what changes i've made compared to my update last time :)

I've just newly added a poll that im conducting. It's similar to what Apple Daily is doing. Although, they have 4 polls that they are conducting at the same time. I'll be doing Apple Daily's polls one by one on my blog. After I've done all four polls I'll post a summary of the results for everyone to look at :). AD is doing a lot of characters, i'll be doing the ones that have appeared on-screen and are mostly likely "well-loved" by the audience so the results will be more welcoming.

I added 'Replacing Series' and 'Upcoming Series' for you guys to look at. You'll know what'll be up next. I've also added a bit of the cast in 'Upcoming Series' so you'll know who will star in it. I've added the English and Chinese titles so you can grasp more information. Most of the information came from news articles that i've read and based it on.

In 'Replacing Series' there's two channels that are broadcasting. TVB and Astro On Demand. So i just labeled which series is going to air on which channel. It might get confusing cause TVB and AOD is airing the same series [Legend of the Demigods], but TVB is airing half of the series [which is 44 episodes, doubled] while AOD is airing the full episodes on a paid channel, i believe. [which is 22 episodes, originally]

Remember and please vote on my poll! The more people who vote, the better the results! If not many people are voting, i might as well cancel this voting proces >.<"

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Legend of the Demigods

Legend of the Demigods - 搜神傳

Influenced by her mother, who has transformed into a magic herb, a cheerful young lady Gwai Choi Chi (Linda Chung) has become a demigod. As a child, Shek Kam Dong (Benny Chan) was constantly bullied. Wong Tai Sin/Great Immortal Wong
pitied him and he has since become a man of unusual physical strength. An Hei (Sunny Chan) is always sleepy because of a curse that has put on his family. Once, his body has accidentally been rested upon by the God of Sword (Stephen Au) and he has become the master of swordplay since.

The three of them are good friends. They are determined to wipe out the Grand Wizard (Halina Tam). With each of them having an extraordinary power, will they be able to make it and bring peace to human?

Credits: Astro On Demand

This seems very interesting. I hope it won't turn out like those cheesy, fantasy, series that is very boring and lame. The plot seems very cliche but somewhat interesting because of their super powers. Of course this series is very old and has been delayed in terms of broadcasting. Linda's acting won't be as good as her acting in Heart of Greed, so bear in mind. Anyway, I have episode 1 and am excited to watch. I might post a episode thoughts/review/etc. so stay tuned on my 'Currently Working On...' feature!

This series is currently airing on Astro On Demand! TVB will be airing August 25 but it will only be half an hour. So the total of episodes will be doubled from 22 to 44. Astro On Demand will broadcast it regularly, which is the full episodes. Your Class or Mine is broadcasting on August 25!

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Moonlight Resonance Poll!

Please credit and redirect to this site if the pictures below are reposted elsewhere. Thank you.

I was browsing around and found the site, Apple Daily is hosting a voting process regarding Moonlight Resonance! There's a total of four voting polls and i just want you guys to participate too :) Its pretty fun cause you get to pick your favourites and see the results ^^

For those non-Chinese MR fans or who are Chinese illiterate i provided a translation :) :
Character Translation:

Poll Translation:

This vote ends on September 18 and results will be posted on the site :)

So don't worry, you'll be able to see all the characters that aren't on screen yet (i.e. Bosco, Kate)

If you get this message, "** 對不起! 你所提供的電郵地址已曾經使用 **," it means that the email has been already used. This is to prevent people from voting more than once.


I'll be conducting a similar poll on my blog, im in the process of making so please wait! It will be very similar to Apple Daily's!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

When a Dog Loves a Cat - Episode 19-20 Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers
Finally, Chow Chow (Myolie Wu) and M.C (Gallen Lo) are together..I think they're an pretty cute couple, its funny and sweet how they talk on the phone when they live beside each other! Just when everything goes well, the story goes back to M.C having cancer. That blood spitting in the car was so realistic! It was so heartbreaking to see M.C going through all the pain and Chow Chow being very helpless..That's the main reason M.C didn't want to be with Chow Chow. He thought he'd be a "burden" and just causing both of them in pain.

I really liked the funeral scene. Everyone told their own stories and thoughts about M.C. However, M.C is listening secretly to the funeral crying and is not dead. At first i thought it was a ghost that TVB intended to do but it was actually real. Chow Chow's speech was so heartbreaking, causing me to cry! It was so sad how she wanted to see him, before she fainted, and M.C was crying badly.

I really hate Lan (Margie Tsang)! She is such a rude and obnoxious person! She is still being very obnoxious to Jim even though it was her fault in the first place! Ironically, Siu Ba helps Lan in the end, and thats when she feels regretful and of course, Jim (Lui Fong) and Lan reconcile. It was so easy for them to reconcile! Where was the Jim that wanted a divorce? How about working at another pet store? He's too soft-hearted. It was such a rushed ending for them! They went through a lot of arguing and after she feels regretful, she goes back to Jim?! Oh well, its meant for a happy ending for everyone [except M.C of course]!

Chow Chow is at the hospital and she finds out M.C visited her because she recognized his cologne. Myolie's crying here was really well done! Her crying looked very natural and didn't look forceful at all. I really like the background music in this scene, it makes the hearbreaking moment even better. It was so sad how M.C tried to run away but Chow Chow holds tight to him and tells him not to leave!

The very ending..everyone is celebrating the re-opening of the dog farm! Lan has a baby, like what Gau (Kwok Fung) wanted. M.C is gone, but Chow Chow is still living happily. Siu Ba and CanCan are "dating," you can say, and then it ends!

Disappointing that M.C doesn't live! But i guess it can be a happy ending for Chow Chow since she was with him til he dies. The series overall was okay, it wasn't the best. The story gets better at around episode 15+. The first 15 episodes were draggy at times. But the ending was pretty good, i really liked the ending. The fake funeral, and the very very end. The only rushed ending was the problems with Jim and Lan.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Pictures

This is the mooncake that Yung (Wayne Lai) made as a gift of gratitude for Ho (Lee Sze Kei) in the show. You can see the Chinese characters: Ho while Ka, Ho, Yuet, Hing, Chung, Chau surrounding Ho. It seems like the moon cake is representing all the children are surrounding Ho Ma, sort of protecting her and being such filial kids.

This is a really nice picture..seems like a happy family gathering. Vincent and Raymond just want the moon cake all to themselves don't they?

The cake is a "prop" for the MR. The family threw a surprise "party" for Sa and she became very touched. I guess after the filming, the cast and crew decided to eat it? Haha ^^;;

Another picture of the huge mooncake! I wonder what this is all about..Looks like they participated in the making of the cake! All are dressed up as pastry chefs even Ha Yu and Chow Chung! Look at Raymond's crazy face! ^^;;

Another picture of the delicious-looking mooncake. Is it even real? It must have a lot of lotus seed paste and a big yellow yolk! They all look so happy, looking like a happy family.

The family is having a deilcious hot pot dinner. My favourite! I wonder if its for filming or for real? Everyone has their dorky looks. Tavia and Vincent with the punk poses, Chris playing with his eye lids, Moses..not ready? Haha. Raymond looks like a crazy child! :)

Look at Tavia. She looks shocked! Raymond, again with a crazy goofy look haha! This seems like a semi-candid photo. Everyone doesn't seem to be ready haha. Chris and Susanna are the only ones who got a good pose. Everyone else..hehe ^^;;

I've heard, that Tavia and Vincent are good friends offstage. It seems to be true :) Look at them! They are having fun even with the plants. Vincent and Tavia seems to be very friendly offstage!

They probably finished the scene and decided to take a picture. I think its Fala and Susanna's marriage registration scene. Fala and Susanna are the only ones that are dressed up as brides.

The shooting for the poster!

Oh look at the dorky Moses! He looks funny with that guitar and face expression!

All pictures taken from Vincent Wan's Blog

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Class or Mine

Your Class or Mine [尖子攻略]

Pang Kam Chau (Bobby Au Yeung) used to sell parallel imports but his girlfriend has taken away everything from him. In order to reestablish his career, Chau plays tricks to gain the trust of a soccer team leader Fan Tai Wai (Benz Hui). Through the help of Wai, Chau becomes the Operation Director of the soccer team and he promises to help all team players achieve excellent results in the coming public examinations. Chau teaches the team players in an unconventional way. He encourages them to hang around at pubs and chase girls actively but the result is disastrous. Ching Kwok Chu (Derek Kwok), the soccer team's sponsor, tries to hire the famous tutorial queen Yim Ka Lai (Sheren Tang) to help coaching the team. Lai's teaching style is totally different from Chau and they fight with each other all the time.

The academic performance of the team varies a lot but Chau discovers that Wai's son Fan Pui Tung (Him Lo) has plenty of potential so he pays special attention to him. During the time, Chu's younger brother suddenly takes away the ownership of the soccer team. Chu tries to take revenge by asking Lai to make the soccer team into a mess. Chau is enraged and he discloses the secret relationship between Chu and Lai to everybody. All of a sudden, Lai's splendid tutorial career is coming to an end.

Credits: Astro On Demand

I don't think I've heard of this series before.I probably read one or two news articles about Bobby [and Sheren] filming a series together..There wasn't much buzz on this series..From the looks of the promotional/function pictures, it seems like its a comedy. The series doesn't look too appealing, it already sounds very cliche to me. I don't have faith in this series, but im sure every series Bobby is in the ratings will be decent. I hope this series will turn out to be good a series afterall.

This series will air after 'When a Dog Loves a Cat.'

Will update soon! Enjoy~

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