Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Legend of the Demigods

Legend of the Demigods - 搜神傳

Influenced by her mother, who has transformed into a magic herb, a cheerful young lady Gwai Choi Chi (Linda Chung) has become a demigod. As a child, Shek Kam Dong (Benny Chan) was constantly bullied. Wong Tai Sin/Great Immortal Wong
pitied him and he has since become a man of unusual physical strength. An Hei (Sunny Chan) is always sleepy because of a curse that has put on his family. Once, his body has accidentally been rested upon by the God of Sword (Stephen Au) and he has become the master of swordplay since.

The three of them are good friends. They are determined to wipe out the Grand Wizard (Halina Tam). With each of them having an extraordinary power, will they be able to make it and bring peace to human?

Credits: Astro On Demand

This seems very interesting. I hope it won't turn out like those cheesy, fantasy, series that is very boring and lame. The plot seems very cliche but somewhat interesting because of their super powers. Of course this series is very old and has been delayed in terms of broadcasting. Linda's acting won't be as good as her acting in Heart of Greed, so bear in mind. Anyway, I have episode 1 and am excited to watch. I might post a episode thoughts/review/etc. so stay tuned on my 'Currently Working On...' feature!

This series is currently airing on Astro On Demand! TVB will be airing August 25 but it will only be half an hour. So the total of episodes will be doubled from 22 to 44. Astro On Demand will broadcast it regularly, which is the full episodes. Your Class or Mine is broadcasting on August 25!

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