Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'll be updating you guys on what changes i've made compared to my update last time :)

I've just newly added a poll that im conducting. It's similar to what Apple Daily is doing. Although, they have 4 polls that they are conducting at the same time. I'll be doing Apple Daily's polls one by one on my blog. After I've done all four polls I'll post a summary of the results for everyone to look at :). AD is doing a lot of characters, i'll be doing the ones that have appeared on-screen and are mostly likely "well-loved" by the audience so the results will be more welcoming.

I added 'Replacing Series' and 'Upcoming Series' for you guys to look at. You'll know what'll be up next. I've also added a bit of the cast in 'Upcoming Series' so you'll know who will star in it. I've added the English and Chinese titles so you can grasp more information. Most of the information came from news articles that i've read and based it on.

In 'Replacing Series' there's two channels that are broadcasting. TVB and Astro On Demand. So i just labeled which series is going to air on which channel. It might get confusing cause TVB and AOD is airing the same series [Legend of the Demigods], but TVB is airing half of the series [which is 44 episodes, doubled] while AOD is airing the full episodes on a paid channel, i believe. [which is 22 episodes, originally]

Remember and please vote on my poll! The more people who vote, the better the results! If not many people are voting, i might as well cancel this voting proces >.<"

Please leave comments or questions on my Cbox or at tvbaccess@hotmail.com! Thank you for reading! Enjoy!~

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