Thursday, August 21, 2008

Legend of the Demigods - Episode 1-3 Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers
When I read the synopsis from Astro On Demand, it didn't sound very appealing. It reminded me of those cheesy, fantasy, dramas that TVB would produce. With all those special effects that was overused, didn't sound very original to me.

As I was watching the first episode, it was actually a very good show to watch. It was very fun and exciting. I didn't really like Gwai Choi Chi (Linda Chung) at first sight. She was an exact clone of Ding Ding in Forensic Heroes and Dan Dan in Bitter Bitten. She was the happy, jumpy, [and somewhat immature] character in FH, BB, and now, LD. She's those characters that brings 'joy' to people's lives because she's very optimistic. I'm not hating her character, but she got very annoying at times. Her character is very fake, those too-good-to-be-true roles. Is there such person who that happy in our world? It seems to unrealistic.

I'm glad TVB gave her a change of roles, I remember when she was a newcomer, most of her roles was like Ding Ding and Dan Dan. Now she is becoming a better actress, she finally got a change of roles to become a very obnoxious, rude, teenager in A Journey Called Life, and Gem of Life.

After watching the next two epsiodes, i started to enjoy her character. I guess, i got used to her character as very optimistic. Her character is very loveable and cute. She goes by a funny motto, which is the reason why she is always happy no matter what.

The character i dislike a lot in the series is Shek Gam Dong (Benny Chan)! He takes advantage of his physical strength he gained from Great Immortal Wong and bullies whoever he wants. Although, he is a big bully he values friendship and family a lot. I like how he listens to Ho Choi Mui a lot and wouldn't hurt her! He also treats his mother and Ho Chou Mui with great respect but zero towards others.

I like An Hei (Sunny Chan) too he's very sincere, a character similar to Ho Choi Mui. He will become a great swordsman and he has already received a rusty sword from Great Immortal Wong. I wonder when will he actually acquire the abilities? :)

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