Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poll Summary

The poll for 'Favourite Character in so far...' has ended! Thanks to those who have voted! Lets take a look at the results..

Kam Wing Ho <甘永好> - 14 votes [41%]
2. Suen Ho Yuet <孫皓月> - 12 votes [35%]
3. Kam Wing Ka <甘永家> - 11 votes [32%]

Chung Siu Ho <鍾笑荷> - 6 votes [17%]
Kam Tai Jo <甘泰祖> - 2 votes [5%]
Kam Wing Ho <甘永好> - 14 votes [41%]
Kam Wing Ka <甘永家> - 11 votes [32%]
Kam Wing Hing <甘詠慶> - 7 votes[20%]
Yu So Sum/Chau <于素心/秋> - 8 votes [23%]
Suen Ho Yuet <孫皓月> - 12 votes [35%]
Kam Wing Chung <甘永中> - 2 votes [5%]
Kam Wing Yuen <甘永圓> - 1 vote [2%]
Chung Siu Sa <鍾笑莎> - 1 vote [2%]
Yan Hung <殷紅> - 0 vote [0%]

I think the results were expected..Raymond and Moses to win! They're the most favourable characters! I also voted for Tavia, so thats great how she is the winning top three ^^.

I will remove the finished poll and create a new one. So please vote once again! :) Haven't been updating lately..and school is starting soon ><" Please bear with me! Thanks :) Who did you guys vote? Were the results expected? Who would you have wanted to win? Tell me! :)

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