Monday, August 18, 2008

When a Dog Loves a Cat - Episode 19-20 Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers
Finally, Chow Chow (Myolie Wu) and M.C (Gallen Lo) are together..I think they're an pretty cute couple, its funny and sweet how they talk on the phone when they live beside each other! Just when everything goes well, the story goes back to M.C having cancer. That blood spitting in the car was so realistic! It was so heartbreaking to see M.C going through all the pain and Chow Chow being very helpless..That's the main reason M.C didn't want to be with Chow Chow. He thought he'd be a "burden" and just causing both of them in pain.

I really liked the funeral scene. Everyone told their own stories and thoughts about M.C. However, M.C is listening secretly to the funeral crying and is not dead. At first i thought it was a ghost that TVB intended to do but it was actually real. Chow Chow's speech was so heartbreaking, causing me to cry! It was so sad how she wanted to see him, before she fainted, and M.C was crying badly.

I really hate Lan (Margie Tsang)! She is such a rude and obnoxious person! She is still being very obnoxious to Jim even though it was her fault in the first place! Ironically, Siu Ba helps Lan in the end, and thats when she feels regretful and of course, Jim (Lui Fong) and Lan reconcile. It was so easy for them to reconcile! Where was the Jim that wanted a divorce? How about working at another pet store? He's too soft-hearted. It was such a rushed ending for them! They went through a lot of arguing and after she feels regretful, she goes back to Jim?! Oh well, its meant for a happy ending for everyone [except M.C of course]!

Chow Chow is at the hospital and she finds out M.C visited her because she recognized his cologne. Myolie's crying here was really well done! Her crying looked very natural and didn't look forceful at all. I really like the background music in this scene, it makes the hearbreaking moment even better. It was so sad how M.C tried to run away but Chow Chow holds tight to him and tells him not to leave!

The very ending..everyone is celebrating the re-opening of the dog farm! Lan has a baby, like what Gau (Kwok Fung) wanted. M.C is gone, but Chow Chow is still living happily. Siu Ba and CanCan are "dating," you can say, and then it ends!

Disappointing that M.C doesn't live! But i guess it can be a happy ending for Chow Chow since she was with him til he dies. The series overall was okay, it wasn't the best. The story gets better at around episode 15+. The first 15 episodes were draggy at times. But the ending was pretty good, i really liked the ending. The fake funeral, and the very very end. The only rushed ending was the problems with Jim and Lan.

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