Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Pictures

This is the mooncake that Yung (Wayne Lai) made as a gift of gratitude for Ho (Lee Sze Kei) in the show. You can see the Chinese characters: Ho while Ka, Ho, Yuet, Hing, Chung, Chau surrounding Ho. It seems like the moon cake is representing all the children are surrounding Ho Ma, sort of protecting her and being such filial kids.

This is a really nice picture..seems like a happy family gathering. Vincent and Raymond just want the moon cake all to themselves don't they?

The cake is a "prop" for the MR. The family threw a surprise "party" for Sa and she became very touched. I guess after the filming, the cast and crew decided to eat it? Haha ^^;;

Another picture of the huge mooncake! I wonder what this is all about..Looks like they participated in the making of the cake! All are dressed up as pastry chefs even Ha Yu and Chow Chung! Look at Raymond's crazy face! ^^;;

Another picture of the delicious-looking mooncake. Is it even real? It must have a lot of lotus seed paste and a big yellow yolk! They all look so happy, looking like a happy family.

The family is having a deilcious hot pot dinner. My favourite! I wonder if its for filming or for real? Everyone has their dorky looks. Tavia and Vincent with the punk poses, Chris playing with his eye lids, Moses..not ready? Haha. Raymond looks like a crazy child! :)

Look at Tavia. She looks shocked! Raymond, again with a crazy goofy look haha! This seems like a semi-candid photo. Everyone doesn't seem to be ready haha. Chris and Susanna are the only ones who got a good pose. Everyone else..hehe ^^;;

I've heard, that Tavia and Vincent are good friends offstage. It seems to be true :) Look at them! They are having fun even with the plants. Vincent and Tavia seems to be very friendly offstage!

They probably finished the scene and decided to take a picture. I think its Fala and Susanna's marriage registration scene. Fala and Susanna are the only ones that are dressed up as brides.

The shooting for the poster!

Oh look at the dorky Moses! He looks funny with that guitar and face expression!

All pictures taken from Vincent Wan's Blog


azntiger_77 said...

I agree with you ! they are very funny in these photos.Thank you for sharing... :)

TVB_Access said...

Hehe no problem! Glad you enjoyed the pictures =)