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Moonlight Resonance - Episode 6 Review

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Ho (Lee Sze Kei) and Dat (Chow Chung) go to the bank machine and Dat finds out that he has $789.00 HKD in his bank account. Dat thinks it was Sa (Susanna Kwan) who input money, as interest, to his bank account since she borrowed $600, 000 HKD from Dat. Ho finally tells Dat that today is the first and every first day of the month, he gets $705.00 HKD as interest for seniors. Dat reveals that Sa has been missing for four days and does not know her whereabouts. Ironically, Sa calls Ho and tells her that she wants to ask her out to dinner tonight and says she has something important to discuss with her at a abalone restaurant. Sa tells her she must come.

Afterwards, Sa calls Ka (
Moses Chan) and tells him to come too. Afterwards, Wing Ho (Raymond Lam), Yuet (Tavia Yeung), and Hing (Fala Chen) are getting ready when Ho and Dat come home. Yuet tells Ho that all three of them are going to watch a concert. Ho talks them into going and says that Dat is waiting for them at the restaurant already. Thus, they end up going.

Everyone is already settled down at the table Sa tells her not to worry saying that she is paying for the dinner from her own pocket.Ho tells Sa to talk about the serious business, which is telling her about the important news. The reason why Sa is treating them to the abalone dinner is that she is saying farewell to them. She continues by saying that she received a call from her Portugal lawyer this morning saying that they require her to go on court on next Tuesday. Ka tells everyone to eat faster so that Sa can leave quickly. Sa has bought presents for the children each of them with a rude meaning to them. Finally, Yuet tells her to sponsor her a oneway ticket so she will not definitely come back but she already bought one so there was no need. She reveals to them she will come back in two weeks which causes everyone in shock.

The next day, Ka goes to work and all his colleagues treat him as "God of stock markets." Everyone eagerly ask him whether or not to hold or let go of the stocks. While every colleague is asking for tips, Ka's boss Eliza (Astrid Chan) gets angry for everyone talking about stocks when they should be working. Ka gets yelled at by Eliza saying that he's not very hardworking and not fulfilling his duties. Eliza demands that if Ka does not get 2 more models [Ka only got 4 when he was supposed to have 6] or he will get fired. Ka decides to go to the bakery and use Yuet and Hing as the two models. At the photoshoot, Ka asks Eliza to hire Yuet as his personal assistant by sweet talking to her, leaving her pleased.

At the bakery shop, a foreign customer wants to buy 2, 000 cakes for the elderly as a charity. But since Ho and Wing Ho cannot speak English and listen well this causes the customer all confused. Luckily, Chau (Linda Chung) was there to assist them. Since this is a big order, Ho and Wing Ho are happy and invites Chau to dinner.

Ho, Wing Ho, and Chau come home and tells everyone that Chau helped her with a big order of pastries and tells the f
amily that she will be working as a doctor trainee soon. Yuet also tells Ho that she will be working with Ka as his personal assistant. Ho wants to treat everyone to a buffet dinner but Chau wants to treat. She says that she'll treat to the dinner and Ho will treat to a function for the blind. Wing Ho and Chau act as partners for the "blind race."

Wing Ho and Chau have a fun time playing with eachother, and flashes back when to when they were little acting as the blind.
Chau goes home and opens the letters that Wing Ho sent to her when Chau went to England to study. She reads all the letters and cries at the same time. She finds out that Wing Ho sacrificed his education just to help out Ho at the bakery shop and he will have to be the most responsible person since he is the only boy in the family.

The next day, Chau's family go out to celebrate Chau. While, Hung (Michelle Yim) and Jo(Ha Yu) are singing, Chau thinks back to when she was younger. Hung asked Chau to give a letter to Jo but Ho and Dat musn't see it. Chau goes to the bakery and secretly gives the letter to Jo. Chau comes home and Hung tells her to go into her room and whatever happens outside, she musn't come out. Chau doesn't listen but she secretly looks out the door and sees that Hung pretends to commit suicide and Jo stops her.

Chau asks Wing Ho to meet her outside, and she starts to cry saying it was her fault that she broke up the family and causing the divorce between Jo and Ho. Wing Ho says it wasn't her fault but she insists that it was all her fault. She reveals that Jo was supposed to break up with Hung because he will miss the children. She handed Jo a letter and caused Jo and Hung to be back together. She blames herself and said that the things she h
as does not belong to her including her becoming a doctor, 10+ bakery shops, and graduating from University. Wing Ho does not become mad but instead cheers her up and tell her to forget about it.

Ka and Yuet are in the car and Ka goes crazy and says that the stock market is decreasing by hundreds of points. Ka tells her to look at the electronic stock market device while he listens to the stock market finance radio and drives through a red light. Everyone starts to talk about stocks until Eliza comes in. She warns everyone not to talk about stocks or else they will either receive a warning letter or get fired instantly, and tells everyone to start a meeting.

During the meeting, Ka asks to go to the bathroom but instead he looks at the stock market electronic device and the stock market begins to rise. Everyone goes to the washroom to see if he's okay, and assures everyone that the stock market is rising. Eliza sees that he's talking about stocks and tells him to go back to continue their meeting.

At home, the whole family is finished eating dinner. Ka asks Ho to tell everyone a joke and instead of being funny, it was about Ka's stock market craze during work. Ho asks Ka to stay while everyone is washing the dishes. She lectures Ka about the bad things of stocks and Ka promises Ho that he will not touch stocks ever again.

The next day, Ka gets crazy all over stocks and Yuet cannot hold him. A friend of Ho calls her at the bakery and tells her that she saw Ka touching stocks again and tells Wing Ho to call Ka for dinner. Ka remembers the promise and is scared that Ho will yell at him again. Yung (
Wayne Lai) tells Ho that he is at fault for teaching him how to play with stocks and that he is very gifted or fate has it because whatever he buys will increase. At dinner, Ka comes home all scared but Ho treats him all nice. Ho and Ka tells everyone a joke which leaves everyone laughing but Ho crying. Ho tells that everything was her fault and that she influenced him.


Hi ladies, come here to buy cake?

Our Church would like to buy some cakes for the elderly. The cakes should not be too difficult to masticate nor too sticky. The cakes are for charity.

Cherries? Cherries west cake. Here Chinese cake.

Yes yes, I want to buy Chinese cake.

Chinese cake, this one very good.

No no, this is too difficult to masticate.

Ho: [To Wing Ho]
Hurry and welcome this customer.

Wing Ho:
Welcome, this one chicken son cake.


Wing Ho:
You don't like? No problem. How about this one? Banana cake.

No no no, this is too sticky. I said not too sticky. Its not good for the jaws.

Maybe she thinks our cakes are too expensive.

Wing Ho:
This one no expensive. Very cheap this cake.

No no no, this has nothing to do with the price. I said I want cakes, which are not too difficult to masticate and not too sticky.

Tell her that our cakes are very famous. A lot of people come from China come to Hong Kong to play will buy our cakes as presents.

Wing Ho:
Our cake, very good. Very famous. Many China people come to Hong Kong play, they buy this and go back to China and their family very happy.

Tell her everyone who eats our cakes will come back to buy more.

[Chau comes into the bakery store]

Wing Ho:
People after they eat our cake, they come back and eat repeat to eat again and again.

Alright, I'll say it one last time. I need cakes for the elderly. This cake should not be too difficult to masticate nor too sticky. These cakes are for charity. I want to buy 2, 000 dozens cakes.

Hi, I can help you. This cake should be just right for the elderly. Its not too hard to masticate, nor too sticky. The price is four dollars, and since its for charity, I'll give it to you for 10% discount?

This is very great thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Overall Thoughts:
Nothing really "big" happens in this episode. We find out that it was indirectly Chau's fault. If she didn't give the letter to Jo secretly, Jo and Hung wouldn't have reconciled. Finally, there's an episode without Sa in it. I got really annoyed with her scenes! I really hated how she was very nosy and always causing arguments in the family.

My favourite scene would be the scene where the foreign customer wants to buy pastries at Ho Ma's bakery shop. It was very funny how Ho Ma didn't know what she was saying and Raymond's English was very limited. Luckily Chau was there. I've never heard Linda speaking English but I knew she was very fluent since she grew up in Vancouver. Her English sounds very excellent! No traces of Chinese accent anywhere unlike Lee Sze Kei and Raymond but I think they forced a lot of Chinese accent in it for filming purposes. It was funny how Ho Ma thought charity was cherries in Chinese! That was very funny. Good thing Chau was there or she would've left.

I am starting to like Ka! His expressions are very funny especially where he he's "daydreaming" like in the scene where he's in the car with Yuet and she's about to read the agenda to him but he wasn't paying attention. His exaggerations are also very funny, where he flirts with his boss, Eliza. It was pretty funny how he flirted with her during the photoshoot for the models. His laughs are also very humourous and his glasses adds his comical appearance also.

I'll be working on an episode 7 review and will probably post it up tomorrow!~

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