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Moonlight Resonance - Episode 5 Review

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Ho (Lee Sze Kei), and Wing Ho (Raymond Lam) find out that Tak (Chow Chung) took out another $200, 000 HKD for Sa so she could have enough money to hire the lawyer. Sa decides to fight for half of her ex-husband's family assets..Yuet (Tavia Yeung) announces to the whole family that she will move out tomorrow by herself because she can't stand Sa (Susanna Kwan). She says she's moving in with her colleague at work named Sammi, but truthfully she's lying and is living by herself.

Yuet owes the financial company money because of her boyfriend Eric (Eric Li). Hing (Fala Chen) is the only one who knows this but keeps it a secret from her family members. Hing and Yuet keep in contact through e-mail and because of Sa's nosy personality of hers, Sa sees Hing's email and prints it out and waves it to show everyone as she reveals the secret that Hing has been keeping. It is revealed that Eric is Cheung Zhi Yin. Eric and Yuet dated back in high school, and Eric dumped Yuet caused her eating habits to be very poor and not getting into university.

As more problems arise,Yuet and Eric argue over financial problems. Eric did not pay the financial company the weekly debt and the loaners of the financial company called Yuet at work and caused her boss to yell at her and give her a warning to not let this happen again. This causes Yuet and Eric to argue. Angrily, both walk away and Yuet starts to cry. She picks up her phone and hears its Wing Ho asking her out to have a drink at the cafe, and she decides to go. Eric comes back to sing her a song which represents their promise so that they can reconcile and Yuet calls Wing Ho back saying she cannot go and ditches Wing Ho for Eric, which leaves Wing Ho disappointed.

Yuet finds Ka (Moses Chan) at his workplace and sees he's busy working with models for a upcoming function. Yuet asks Ka a favour and gives him $9, 000 HKD so that she can earn money fast with the help of Ka and the recent stock market raising. Yuet gets fired from her job, because of the debts that Yuet and Eric owe to the financial company. Yuet has not phoned her family for days causing everyone to worry about her. Yuet sends a text message to Hing saying that she lost her job and that she broke up with Eric because he was not committed to their relationship. Wing Ho constantly tries to get hold of Yuet on the phone but it goes to voice mail box. Wing Ho bumps into Chau (Linda Chung) and she decides to help Wing Ho look for Yuet.

They stop by at the gym the Yuet goes to and sees Yuet, but unfortunately she runs away without being caught by Wing Ho and Chau. The whole family but Sa decides to go out and find Yuet hoping to bring her home. While Yuet hides in the telephone booth, she reads the voice messages that has been left for her mostly from her family. Going through a series of voice messages, she begins to cry being touched by all those things being said by Ho, Wing Ho, Chau, Hing, and Tak. She finally stops hiding from the telephone booth and is spotted by Ho and is chased by everyone and ends up hugging Ho and Tak.

Everyone finally comes home and hears Sa bickering and saying who's real fault for causing Yuet to run away from home. After all the bickering and discussion over this matter, Ho asks everyone to go back to their rooms and says she has something to discuss with Sa and Tak. But instead, Sa says there is no need. Ho took the letter from the lawyer and translated it from Portugese to Chinese. She told her father that she has only 1% chance of winning and that the 90% chance of winning Sa said before was all but made up. In the letter it said that both parties were at fault. Sa's ex-husband hid a mistress in the wardrobe while Sa hid her boyfriend, who was her dancing instructor's assistant, in the garden area.

After all the argument between Ho and Sa, Ho declares that Sa take back what she said to ah Yuet by calling her a "adopted girl" in a rude manner.


I beg of you, since you are an elder, take back the two words, "adopted girl," that you said to ah Yuet and never say it ever again!

Why do i have to take it back? The truth is that she was adopted!

: Yes, she was adopted but that was 20 years ago. She has already become one of the family members. You are truthfully the one that takes money, takes benefits, and takes things of value.

and, takes problems on one-self. Everytime Ho tells her everyone to go back to their rooms, but not you. You must always force them to stay and listen to you. At first no one knew, but you've caused everyone to know.

Ho: I, Chung Siu Ho has 6 children. Ka, Ho, Yuet, Yuen. You are placed third. If you are not my daughter then who is?!

[我, 鍾笑荷 有六個孩子, 家, 好, 月, 圓. 你是排第三. 如果你不是我的女兒那麼誰是?]

Overall Thoughts:
The reason why i chose to translate this dialogue and post it up is because i really liked how Ho said that ah Yuet was adopted but that was 20 years ago. She has already become one of the family members. It was worth it to post it up because it was so touching, and touching to ah Yuet since it meant that Ho Ma treated her as if she was her biological mother.

I really liked how they portrayed the scene where Ho Ma found Yuet after she came out of the the phone booth. The voice message from Ho Ma was playing while the family was chasing after ah Yuet. The voice message was very touching so i decided to add the original Chinese dialogue and the English translation!

I managed to get the Chinese dialogue that Ho Ma said in the episode. It was very powerful and sorrow on how Ho Ma said it. I really liked how she said "If you are not my daughter then who is?!" She truely treated ah Yuet as her biological daughter but ah Yuet did not even realize.

I hope to see episode 6 on Monday and will do a review on episode 6! Enjoy~

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