Thursday, August 07, 2008


As you can see I've transformed my blog insided out. I've added a banner to make it look more colourful. The white and grey colour scheme was too boring and plain so i decided to change it to the purple-yellow colour scheme. To me, I think it looks way better than the white-grey doesn't it? My banner may look plain, but hey it looks way better than the default "banner" that blogger provides you along with the template. Plus, I only wasted 5 minutes on it. So nothing fancy about it, I didn't want to make it look too fancy.

I've also added a new linking image, the other image was too big for bloggers to use. As a result I sort of used the same image as the banner. Nothing special again. I'm not much of a photoshop artist..Maybe in the future where I learn more about photoshop Ii'll upgrade the images a bit better. For now, please deal with it ^^;; I also changed my Cbox colour to yellow to match with the background colour! Hope you guys like it! :)

Sorry to fellow Moonlight Resonance readers! I've been busy today, so the episode 7 will be delayed! I'm currently working on a different post so it won't just be MR reviews. I'll be posting up something tonight or tomorrow!~

Please leave comments or questions on my Cbox or at! Thank you for reading!

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