Friday, August 08, 2008

When a Dog Loves a Cat - Episode 14 Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers
TVB is too cruel! Why do they have to make M.C (Gallen Lo) have a terminal illness right when he is about to confess his love to Chow Chow (Myolie Wu)?! Well, I already know that M.C dies and before his death, he helps patch up the relationship between Chow Chow and Carson (Raymond Wong), leaving it a happy ending for the both of them.

We also know that M.C and Kit (Bernice Liu) had a "past." They knew eachother for a long time maybe because of Kit's step father. I think Kit secretly likes M.C because one of the clients of Raptor said that she loved someone by the name of "Uncle" and she called M.C "Miu Uncle."

Since Kit likes M.C, I hope he uses her as a lover to make Chow Chow give up her love on M.C, I really like those kind of "plots" because its so heartbreaking to watch how Chow Chow will be heartbroken when she doesn't know M.C still loves her a lot. But since he has some terminal illness, he has to do it for the sake of her happiness so she won't cry over M.C's death.

I really hate Jim's character. Its very cliche and overused, even though dramas are expected to have cliches. Jim is a character who are "afraid" of wives and has no opinions of their own. Jim just does whatever to makes his Lan (Margie Tsang) happy, but in fact, he's just "spoiling" her so she can rule over his life. She might always think she's doing whats best for her husband but instead she's just controlling his life without Jim saying a word. Just like when Jim and Chow Chow thought the money that Lan saved up over the years was for Gau (Kwok Fung) to open a Dog Farm. In the end it was for her plan of opening up a pet mega store. Chow Chow got very angry but Jim told her not to get too nosy and didn't say a word.

From the looks of the cliche of Jim and Lan's storyline, it seems like they will have a divorce sooner of later. In episode 15 previews, Jim is the one who declares a divorce with Lan! Finally he is being a man for once. I actually support him because Lan's character is so unbearable! She is so too bossy over Jim. She's the only one who does everything without asking if Jim agrees with it. At one point, Lan didn't even let him teach dogs because of her bossy personality! Poor Jim!

I really hope M.C doesn't die or at least have an alternative ending like 'Catch Me Now.' Especially when 'When a Dog Loves a Cat' is a comedy/family series! How can they have someone die in a comedy series?! This is also Gallen's comeback series..and his ending is death. If they don't have an alternative ending, his last few episodes of living better be worth watching or I will just be disappointed in this series.

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