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Moonlight Resonance - Episode 7 Review

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Ho (Lee Sze Kei) asks Jo (Ha Yu) out for high tea to discuss about Ka's (Moses Chan) addiction to the stock market. Ho tells Ka that his addiction to stock market was because of Jo not teaching the children properly and blaming him for causing Ka to become addicted. Jo disagrees and argues with Ho saying its not a serious matter and argues with her that he and Hung (Michelle Yim) have been teaching their children properly by educating them so that they will be successful in the future. Ho leaves the restaurant and tells him to think it through and solve the problem.

Jo goes home and discusses with his mother, Lai (Lee Heung Kam) that he should bring Ka to the 'Ka Ho Yuet Yuen' to help out to stop his addiction to stocks. Lai agrees and decides to be the one to ask Hung. Jo also wants to plan a party for Chau (Linda Chung) to celebrate her officially becoming a doctor. During the party, Jo buys Chau a car as a gift for her birthday leaving Chau very happy and touched. As everyone dances, Jo asks Hung if Ka could work at the 'Ka Ho Yuet Yuen', Hung happily agrees but deep inside...

Jo, Ka, and Yuet (Tavia Yeung) are eating at restaurant and Ka refuses to work at their bakery shop 'Ka Ho Yuet Yuen.' Jo asks Ka to come home for dinner and the family will discuss on what job he will be taking in the bakery shop and other minor details. At home, Hung wants Ka to work from bottom to top and requires him to work at a smaller shop so he could gain some experience. Jo and Lai want Ka to have a higher job since he is the rich son. But Ka did not decide yet and already left to meet a client or friend.

During lunch time, Ka and Yuet bump into Jo. Jo tries to talk Ka into joining the bakery business but he still refuses thinking that its too good to be true because of his impression of Hung. After Ka leaves, Yuet talks to Jo saying that Hung is not that simple and is evil inside. Jo thinks Yuet is crazy and saying his lifestyle with Hung and the rest of family was more happier than before when he was with Ho.

At the bakery shop, Ho was moving pastry boxes and hurt her waist. A customer at the shop recommended her a doctor at Zhong Shan so she could heal her waist. When the family was walking home, Sa (Susanna Kwan) came home from Portugal. Sa received 4,000,000 cash from her ex-husband instead of fighting for the divorce case. Sa decides to buy shares of the 'Ho Ma Bang Ka' but the children refused thinking its a bad idea, but Ho accepted her idea.

At the bakery shop, Sa brought new pastry chefs right before Ho and Wing Ho left to Zhong Shan to heal her waist. Ho and Wing Ho were shocked to hear the news but couldn't deal with the situation since they had to leave for the train to Zhong Shan.

Wing Ho and Chau went to give out pastries to the seniors at a centre. Both of them had fun and sang songs to the seniors. When they were driving home, Gong (Lee Sing Cheung) and Mui ( Fung So Bor) saw Wing Ho and Chau in the car. When they went home Gong and Mui quickly told Jo that they were flirting. Jo met Wing Ho at a nearby dock and warned him not to go near Chau too much so that she will find a better boyfriend than Wing Ho. Wing Ho tells Jo not to trust Hung and saying that she's evil. Jo tells Wing Ho that he is happy now than before when he was with Ho, leaving Wing Ho disappointed in his father.

When Ho came back from Zhong Shan she tested out the new employee's pastries they made. Ho fired an employee for buying cheap lotus seed paste. At home, Ho warned Sa not to touch anything of bakery shop and stop causing a total mess to the shop and told her to do marketing instead.

The next day, Wing Ho tells Ho to come outside. Dat (Chow Chung) and Sa bought a shiny and golden board with their original name 'Ka Ho Yuet Yuen' on it. Dat wants to put the name back on since it was originally his and was tricked by Jo. Dat asks Jo for tea and Jo tells him to take down the shop name but Dat refuses. Jo does not want to give back the shop name to Dat and causes him to have high blood pressure.

Overall Thoughts:
This episode was okay. Nothing really exciting..Right when Sa comes back to Hong Kong all the chaos stars. Like when she wanted to put up the shop name, Jo went to talk with Dat and "threatened" Dat that he could go to jail for using a non-authorized shop name. From the previews, it looks like Dat and Sa are going to sue Jo and Hung for tricking their shop name. Of course, they are going to lose..It's so sad to be watching something that won't have a good ending, where Sa and Dat lose the court case.

I think I'm going to cut back on the summary. It takes me too much time to summarize it. I might do a quick short short summary just for those who are not able to watch it. It won't be as detailed as the ones i did for episode 5-7.

I already posted up sub/theme song for Moonlight Resonance. Not sure if you'd like the theme song, but the sub theme is recommended!

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